Introducing Savannah Sheena

My name is Savannah Sheena.  Most people know me as the girl who is always so cheerful in the mornings and the girl who knows everyone in school.  I really am just an ordinary girl who gets along with everyone, or at least tries to.  I am sarcastic and very blunt, but those two characteristics do not usually get me into trouble.  I love to do so many things.  I am on speech team and am elated for that, and I love to read for pleasure in addition to watching a good movie with some kettle corn.  Who does not love a good movie?  If I could, I would spend the rest of my life traveling and vacationing in a variety of countries (Greece is my favorite).  I think out of all of my favorite things, music is at the top of my list.  Music is my life, it is my escape from the real world.  I stick my headphones in my ears and I am instantaneously in another dimension.  I listen to all types of music, ranging from classical to pop to reggaeton.  I like to listen to songs that have a nice beat to them, as well as songs that have meaningful lyrics, even though those two do not always pair up easily.  Music always gets me through the school day and the homework that comes with the joys of high school.

I never used to be an english or history person. To this day I am not a person who can just delve into the French Revolution or any revolution for that matter and be able to stay interested in the topic.  My opinion on english has changed over my few years at OLP.  I find it to be more captivating than I used to.  Although I do enjoy english, my passion has always been and always will be science.  More so anatomy and physiology.  I plan on becoming either a pediatric anesthesiologist or an ophthalmologist.  I find the human body so intriguing.  I also find the idea that scientists are still learning things about the body that no one knows about fascinating as well.  To be honest, the fact that medicine is a learning field is one of the factors that made me want to become a doctor.  Another factor that put me on the road to medicine is that it is basically in my blood.  I have a variety of people in my life that are in the medical field, not to mention all the trips to the doctor for family members (which I tag along to so that I may further my knowledge).  People are constantly telling me that I will change my major once I get to college, or once I realize how much schooling there will be.  I have already mentally prepared myself for the competitiveness, countless sleepless nights, and the loads of work.  I have also had these two fields in mind for the past 4 years and I have had first hand experience with doctors of various sorts.    I have done my research on my interests and I know what each of them require, so please do not tell me that I will change my major because I am too young to know what I want to do.  I am pretty sure I know what I want to spend my life doing.  Besides, everyone keeps telling me to pick something that I will not dread waking up in the morning to do.  Other than these few things, I cannot really thing of what else to say.  If there is anything else you want to know, ask me.  I would be more than happy to answer any questions!

8 thoughts on “Introducing Savannah Sheena

  1. Thank you, Savannah, for such a thorough and candid introduction of yourself!
    I am impressed with your ability to express yourself and am looking forward to learning more about you this year! I hope that you will love American Literature, even if science is your passion, and can’t wait to see what the year ahead brings! 🙂

  2. What a captivating introduction you have given your readers! I can tell you are a “thinker” and you have expressed your thoughts very well. I will be showing your post to my students who are just starting their blogs.

    • Mrs. Caudill,

      I am very happy to know that you enjoyed reading my first post and that it will be useful for your class. If I can be of anymore assistance please let me know.

      -Savannah Sheena

      • Hey Savannah

        This is Jo in Ethiopia. I loved your blog. I always think it’s funny when older people think younger people don’t know what they want to do – when most do. Jo

        • Whoa! You live in Ethiopia! That’s so cool. I’ve always wanted to meet someone, or in this case talk to someone from another country. I’ve never been anywhere outside of the U.S.A although I wish I could go everywhere in the world. Thanks for commenting!

  3. G’day Savannah,
    What a great introduction! It is rare to have someone so young already know what they want to do in the future.

    Like you, I love travelling and now that I am retired, I can do it whenever I wish as long as the money is there.

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  4. Hello Savannah Sheena, I really enjoyed reading your about me post. I liked all of the detail, and effort you put into writing this post. I agree with you when you said you wish you could just travel the world, I wish I could do that also. I also need music to get me through homework and the stress of life. Really great post and I will make sure to look at your blog in the future.

  5. Hi i’m Aahliya. I love your name! You seem like pretty cool person. Music is my life too! I love different bands like Nirvana, Rolling Stones, etc. I like travailing too. I have never been to Greece before, but I’m hoping to visit some of my relatives in Australia! Hope you can come and comment on my blog . Byee.

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